Have You Dreamt of This Man?

This image has been appearing all over the Internet for a short while now:

Rumor has it, this man has the ability to visit you in your dreams. Ever seen him before?

Rumor has it, this man has the ability to visit you in your dreams. Ever seen him before?

According to information collected at thisman.org, at least 2000 people claim to have seen this man’s face in their dreams. The first known account came in 2006 from a psychiatric patient who is said to have drawn the picture you see above. The patient swore she had never seen him in her waking life–just in her dreams.

The psychiatrist put little stock in her claims. That is, until another patient–without having heard the claims of the previous patient–also recognized the man, also as a memory from a dream. The psychiatrist was intrigued, and decided to send the image to some colleagues. In the following months, four other patients recognized the image. They each referred to the pictured individual only as “This Man.”

In the past three years since the first account, at least 2000 people from all areas of the world are said to have dreamed of this man. A number of theories exist to explain the “This Man” phenomenon. Some say he’s a Jungian archetype–an image summoned from a collective unconsciousness. Some say this man is God himself, though skeptics argue that the people coming forward just think they’ve seen this man after hearing about the phenomenon or they just don’t remember actually seeing this face in real life.

Could this all just be some viral marketing campaign? That’s possible. The story would make a great movie, wouldn’t it?

Still, what if there really exists a man who has the ability to invade people’s dreams? Why does he single certain people out, and does he even realize what he’s doing?

What happens if you do see this man? Maybe you could find out for me. After all, it’s just as easy as falling asleep, and you could be the next person to dream this man.

For more information or to communicate with other “This Man” dreamers, visit http://www.thisman.org/.

4 Responses to “Have You Dreamt of This Man?”

  1. This reminds me a lot of the great graphic novel series Sandman written by Neil Gaiman. It follows the fantasy world of Morpheus, the lord of dreaming. He is the one who creates our dreams and rules over our nightly subcontious. Though Morpheus looks more like Robert Smith from the Cure, there is one character from the first novel by the name of John Dee. A tormented man who cannot have dreams ends up in the possession of one of Morpheus magical items that grant him his power over his realm: the amulet. With it John Dee is able to control people’s dreams and by doing that he commands their fate and controls their actions. When John Dee first appears in the story his whole body is badly scarred and burned, to the point where he resembles some horrific ghoul. Perhaps this is the face of Mr. Dee before his terrible affliction….

  2. Simple explanation–the power of suggestion. By showing them the image of the man, and possibly by asking “Have you seen this man?” or “have you dreamed of this man?” or any of the above questions, you’re suggesting that the patient has in fact, seen or dreamed of this person. Especially since it started in a mental hospital, it’s more likely than not that the mere suggestion of it created false memories. It’s common in witnesses too, who are asked suggestive questions about a certain event.

  3. i dreamt of him he tried to ….

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