Dare Games For the Brave: Bloody Mary

We all remember this one from when we were kids. A lot of us have tried it, or know someone who has. Some of us “know someone who knows someone” who actually saw Bloody Mary.

There’s no way to know with absolutely certainty whether or not there is some terrifying spirit who likes to haunt teenagers’ slumber parties. Maybe she’s just an image conjured from the minds of people–some manifestation of our own fears of the dark and of the unknown which carries over from childhood. Would that be any more comforting than legends of a vengeful spirit who waits beyond the mirror, watching us and waiting to be beckoned?

Is Bloody Mary real or just a legend? Dare to find out?

Is Bloody Mary real or just a legend? Dare to find out?

You’re probably telling yourself, “That was childhood nonsense. She doesn’t scare me anymore.”

If that’s the case, then try it. Right now, turn the lights out. Not just the bathroom light–cover your home in darkness. Go into the bathroom and be sure to close the door behind you. Stare into the mirror, do a slow turn and whisper “Bloody Mary.”

Keep doing that. Let the pace become gradually faster. Spin around chanting “Bloody Mary,” and be sure to get a good look at the mirror on each pass. Don’t worry about how many times you need to do it. Some say three, some say thirteen, some say one hundred. Just do it for as long as it takes.

Maybe you’ll do it thirty times and get bored. Maybe you’ll do it three times and won’t have the courage to keep going. Maybe if you do it long enough, you might even forget what you were doing. You’ll just keep on spinning, chanting “Bloody Mary,” giving a quick glance to the mirror with no idea what to expect. Maybe on one of those passes, something will catch your eye.

You’ll stop when you see it. You’ll turn to the mirror and look–not just a glance–you have to look. What you see won’t just be your reflection. You won’t be alone anymore. She’ll be there. It will be like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Her cold eyes, the blood running down her pale skin. She’ll just sit there and wait. Why should she need to do anything? You were the one who called her. You wanted her to come. So she’ll just wait–wait for you to make the first move. All it will take a is a step, maybe a scream, or even just a quick gesture for the light switch or the door knob. Hopefully you’ll move fast enough. You don’t want to go back into the mirror with her, do you? Better move quickly.

But none of that will happen, will it? Well, go ahead. Give it a try, then come back and tell me all about that iron spine of yours. Tell us all that there’s no such thing as Bloody Mary. I dare you.



23 Responses to “Dare Games For the Brave: Bloody Mary”

  1. spin around??

    That is retarded…

  2. very nice information I am impressed
    keep up the good work

  3. i want 2 try this, but am much too scared.
    what shall i do?

  4. damn that’s scary


  6. Damm!!!
    But… It’s cold dough!

  7. Dat’s Shyts Cold!!!!!!!!!!

  8. she is just a ledand shes fake im sacred shes coming to kill me

  9. JuliaXSpike Says:

    umm…yea. Bloody Mary? i heard these stores from…third grade? w/e. i’ve tried that shit, it don’t work. i got my friend to do it, & she’s such a flarkin’ drama queen, she screamed saying it worked. but hey, maybe it only works if you believe it will, eh? maybe it only works if you believe in Bloody Mary, eh? who knows, who cares?


  10. yeah…. tried it… so doesn’t work!!

  11. yo this bitch is mad scary like hella scary please help me

  12. I tried it & it was scary. I cant eveb look in a meror becaus I think that she will be right there waiting for me

  13. scary but what a load of *** … maybe true


  15. Hey I think bloody mary has awesome hair. Its so stupid how people actully try doing this its so mean to bloody mary i mean how would you like to apear in a meror and people staring at you!

  16. faithless hope Says:

    come to my house and try, i can see things other cant see. my house was bouilt in 1784 there is lots of activity here 3 people got shot here, but when i called for mary, i saw a little girl in the mirror.

  17. u suck eggs Says:

    wow seems so cool im nerdy and ugly and rretarted muahahahahahahahaah i will see u in ur sleep comeout and pee on u haha

  18. thats crazy, ive already tried it and it was nothing to be afraid of, she aint even real so whats the point!!!!!!!

  19. sophia aldapa Says:

    ok the thing is u scare people to think she is real therefore they will believe they will go home and turn their house to be complete darkness and go to their restroom and try. whether or not she is real or fake u will still see an image in the mirror maybe because it is part of ur imagination because they believe this nonsecnce or just the fact they spun around who knows how many times and are completely dizzy. you see what you choose to see

  20. i tried this and came back to the web site i spined three times thught saw some thing when i tuened back nothing but it was a great exp and i scrared the shit out of me lol


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