Look Behind You

What’s behind you right at this instant? Go ahead and Check. I’ll wait.

Somewhere in your view, there should be a wall—yes? Focus on the area of the wall directly behind you. Nothing is going to happen right now, but it’s important that you take note of exactly where that spot is. You may not realize this, but each time you’ve been afraid while sitting with your back to that spot, you’ve channeled all your fears–all your negativity into it.

Whenever you read a scary story, think you hear a whisper or see a shadow, or even just have an unpleasant thought creeping into your head, you sometimes feel a little chill crawling up your spine. What do you do when this happens? You look behind you, right? You look right at that spot!

As you’re reading this, you may start to feel that same chill. That’s perfectly normal. You might even start to shiver, as though a looming cold is all around. You should probably check that spot again…

Nothing, right? Don’t worry—you’re quite safe. You’ve channeled all that evil nicely away. It’s locked in your mind, and of course, in that spot.

Some who have learned about their own spot have decided to remove it, thinking they can remove all the negativity along with it. THIS IS A MISTAKE! You must never let anything happen to this spot. If it’s harmed, all that fear, all that energy will be released.

Thereafter, at night while you’re sitting where you are now, you’ll start to feel chills. This will happen even in the summer and even if you cover yourself in warm clothes and a blanket. Every feeling of dread you ever channeled into that spot will always be hanging in the air.

After a week, you and your dearest loved ones will fall upon hard times. A string of bad luck will haunt each of you until one of your closest friends or family members falls ill and dies.

Within a month, your life will turn completely upside down. Every friend, every comfort, every good thing in your life will leave you. You’ll be alone, depressed, and you’ll constantly have the feeling that something is behind you. On the one year anniversary of the spot’s destruction, you will dream of all your most dreaded fears. The dream will seem to go on forever, and when you finally wake up, you will notice that your vision has darkened.

On that same night, each year after that, you will have the dream again. Each time, your vision will become darker and darker. Eventually, you’ll be totally blind.

Once you lose your vision completely, DON’T EVER TURN YOUR BACK TO THAT SPOT AGAIN! That is, if you can still find it…

2 Responses to “Look Behind You”

  1. Very good.

    I like how it was a hybrid of fiction and nonfiction.

  2. I am so confoos right now

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