There’s Something in the Sea

Stories of sea monsters and unknown perils in the ocean have been the stuff of legend since at least as far back as the bronze age. Many of us are familiar with old nautical myths of krakens overturning ships or contemporary fiction concerning Cthulu and other great beasts hidden in the vastness of the deeps.

But those are just stories. Nothing so monstrous could really be dwelling in even the darkest waters, right? What few realize is that there is something in the sea, and it’s big.

The phenomenal, unidentified noise known only as “Bloop” was first discovered in 1997 by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Since it first showed up in deep sea detectors located in the Pacific Ocean (being loud enough to be detected by multiple sensors spanning a 5,000 km radius), it has stumped experts and been the source of great controversy.

Scientists generally agree that the source of the Bloop is a living creature. However, no known creature is large enough to cause such a sound. Some even say that whatever is behind Bloop must be several times larger than a Blue Whale, which is currently the largest known creature on Earth and is capable of growing to over 30 meters in length and weighing nearly 200 tons. A creature several times that size would be bigger than even the largest known prehistoric life, making Bloop possibly the largest creature ever to have existed.

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Though little is known about whatever enormous monstrosity is behind Bloop, what we do know is that it’s huge and it’s not shy. There’s something in the sea. It’s been there all along, and it’s calling out to us now.

Is Bloop one of a kind? What deep sea titans lurk in the darkest depths of the ocean, far out of notice of humans? In our narrow view of life, in our fixation with land (which accounts for only about 30 percent of the Earth’s surface), has it ever occurred to us that we may be further than we could ever imagine from being the dominant species  on this planet?

There’s something in the sea. Let us all pray to whatever gods or forces of the universe we place our faith in that it stays there. And if you decide to take a swim in the ocean, keep in mind that you may not realize what dark, terrible things lurk deep beneath the surface of the water.

4 Responses to “There’s Something in the Sea”

  1. Wow.. that video creeped me out.
    I wonder what is down there..
    ..But I think I can live without knowing.

    Nice site by the way.

  2. That sound gave me chills. It’s not really scary or eerie, just very… strange. Almost soothing. It sounds metallic in some parts. It wouldn’t be surprising if there’s a creature out there bigger than the Blue Whale. Large quantities of the bottom of the sea is still unexplored so something could easily hide down there without us noticing. Who knows, maybe this creature or whatever it is simply can’t surface? Whenever they’ve managed to haul one of those giant squids up to the surface, they’ve always died due to pressure change.

    The name bloop made me laugh though. It’s rather adorable and doesn’t really put an image of a giant, mighty sea beast in my head.

    Also, due to my stray thought of it being metallic I immediately thought ‘o hai, alien ship crashed and is at the bottom of the sea! hell yes!’ Stupid brain.

  3. Shadow2by4 Says:

    The giant freaking whale. That image and this sound combined scare the shit out of me.

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