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How to Hack Your Brain

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Ever wanted to trick your brain? Want to hallucinate without the use of drugs, dull pain, cause yourself pain without actually hurting yourself, or fool your senses in other fun ways? Well, here are some activities which are meant to induce or simulate certain sensations in a safe, relatively controlled manner:


I haven’t tried any of these methods, so I can’t say exactly how well they work. If you’re feeling adventurous, go ahead and test them out, and feel free to share your experience with the rest of us here. However, if you want to try any of the hallucination-inducing exercises, I would advise against doing so in a state of fear or anxiety, or your brain might have the final word on your trickery.


Don’t Let the Cold Man In

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I had a dream last night. It was the kind that seems real right up to the point where you wake up.

Some things were strange about it…certain things were really strange about it, but it never occurred to me that it might not actually be happening. I’m still not prepared to say that it didn’t happen. I’m not spiritual and I don’t really understand stuff like that. I just feel like I’ve been somewhere and now I’m back, and I know something really happened when I woke up…and I think while I was asleep too.

I went to bed last night with a strange feeling. We all remember times when we felt like we were being watched, but this was more than that. I felt like there was someone there with me, but still I couldn’t keep from falling asleep.

I don’t exactly remember the beginning of the dream. The first thing I remember was starting at my house and walking. I was just walking down the road. All of my neighbors’ houses were gone. I was just on a long, empty road and there was no one around but me. I don’t remember what I had been doing at my house before, but I may have been there a while before I started walking. I just recall feeling a strong urge to walk.

I felt okay walking down that road. It was cold and dark and I felt a little lost, but I wasn’t afraid–not like I had been in my room.

I don’t know how long I was on that road. It felt like a long time. I mean like days long, but I never felt tired and I just wanted to keep walking.

The road changed after a while. It had been straight and nondescript the whole time, but eventually I reached a bend and then a fork in the road. When I reached the fork, I wasn’t alone anymore. A familiar voice called out to me from the side of the road.

“It’s good to see you,” the voice whispered. “I’m just sorry to see you here.”

I turned to face the voice, knowing who I would see. It was an old friend from my childhood–someone I haven’t seen in years. He looked just a little different from how I remembered him, but not by much. He was older than when I saw him last, obviously, but he seemed at least a few years younger than me somehow–even though we’re supposed to be the same age. He was also very pale. Unbelievably white, in fact, and he had deep circles around his eyes that were solid blue, as were his lips.

“What are you doing here?” I asked.

“I’m here to warn you,” he replied.

Naturally, I was all ears.

“There’s a man in your house right now,” he explained.

“What do you mean there’s someone in my house? I was just there…I think.”

I didn’t actually know how long ago I had been there. I wasn’t sure how long I had been walking.

“You don’t understand,” my friend stammered with apparent urgency. “He’s really in your house right now.”

I had no idea what he was talking about, but I was curious.

“Who is he?” I asked him.

“He’s the Cold Man. He comes to people at night when they’re afraid.”

The Cold Man? I’d never heard of anyone like that before. I wanted to know more, so I asked, “What does he do?”

“He waits to be noticed, then he makes his move. You know that chill you feel on your back when something really scares you? That’s not just nerves. That’s him standing behind you.”

“What for?” I wondered. “What does he do once you notice him?”

My friend looked down and away. He wouldn’t answer that question.

“Just don’t let him in,” he cautioned.

“What do you mean?”

“Can be close forever. He’ll walk around your house at night. He can know where you are.
You can even be looking right at you, but he won’t find you unless you make him.”

“He can be close forever,” my friend explained. “He’ll walk around your house at night and even stand in your room while you’re asleep…like he is in yours right now. He can know where you are. He can even be looking right at you, but he won’t find you unless you let him.”

“How does he find you? I mean, how do you ‘let him?'”

My friend looked to either side of the road like he was worried that someone might overhear. He leaned in very close and whispered, “If you see him, if you hear him, or if you ever start to feel suddenly very cold…don’t move. Don’t talk to him. Don’t acknowledge him. Don’t ever let him in”

“I don’t understand,” I admitted. “How do I get rid of him?”

“You can’t,” my friend replied in a small, shuttering voice. “Look, I’m out of time.”

“‘Out of time?'” I repeated, not sure what he meant exactly.

My friend shook his head. His eyes were wide and he was shivering. Off in the distance I noticed a dark figure creeping up behind him, but something kept me from speaking.

“My time is up,” he stammered. “Just whatever you do, don’t let him in, and whatever you do…don’t answer it.”

Something pulled my friend into the darkness and suddenly I couldn’t see him anymore. Before I could follow after him though, I was startled awake by a loud noise. I was sitting in my room, fully dressed with my shoes on. I could swear I wasn’t dressed when I went to bed. My shoes and legs were covered in dust, my feet were sore, and I could hear a ringing noise right next to me. In the confusion of waking up from such a vivid dream, I didn’t immediately recognize it. I felt so cold.

Then, I looked down and saw my phone. That was the source of the ringing. Remembering my friend’s words, I didn’t answer it. Eventually, it stopped ringing.

The room was cold as ice. The feeling that I was being watched was as strong as it had been when I had fallen asleep. I could hear something moving inside my closet, but I dared not move. I just closed my eyes and waited. Eventually, I heard footsteps walking away, still from inside the closet. It was as if they were walking down some unseen hallway, though my closet is small and I couldn’t see anything unusual in there.

When the footsteps got far enough away, the cold lifted.

He didn’t get in this time. If my dream was true–if the thing in my closet was who I think it was–I must never let him in. I think he’ll be back tonight though. That’s when he’s supposed to come, as my friend told me.

I don’t know what happened to my friend, but I just hope people will remember his warning. If you start to feel cold while reading this, don’t be alarmed. If you hear something in your house, just ignore it. You can’t afford to let him find you. Don’t let the Cold Man in.

A Visitor in a Dream

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When I was younger, my friend sent me an interesting article on lucid dreaming. I read it and decided to attempt such a dream. My first attempts were futile, however I still tried every night.

On the night of my birthday I set a cup of water I usually brought on my nightstand and closed my door and windows. I locked the windows with both latches, laid down, turned off the light, and went to bed.

The next time I opened my eyes, I was in a white room with a single door that was identical to the one I had in my room and a behind behind me which was also identical to the one near my bed. The room was devoid of all furniture. Immediately I grasped that I was dreaming. I looked at my hands and the rest of my body and saw that I was clothed in boxers and a white t-shirt–my normal night attire. The only discrepancy was that my clothes were soaking wet.

I suddenly felt very cold and alone. I walked forward and tried the doorknob with no luck, as the door was locked. I turned to try the window and froze in terror. Two deathly cold blue eyes stared back at me from a grotesquely horrifying silhouette.

I could not move as I watched the figure. Suddenly its long, gnarled hand crept towards the window, its bony claws scratching at the glass. It began pressing on the window and cracks began to snake through the glass as it creaked and moaned under the pressure.

Just as the window was on the verge of shattering, I heard my door burst open. Golden rays of light flooded into the room and caressed my back.

“WAKE UP QUICKLY!” a commanding voice bellowed from behind me.

I awoke from my nightmare with sweat beading down my forehead. My cup of water had toppled over on me and my bedsheets were soaked. My heart sank as, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a long hand reaching for me. I turned to face it, only to hear something scurrying off into the night.

My window was shattered. Glass peppered the floors and long shards still clung to the window frame.

My own fear placed me in a paralysis that I couldn’t shake myself out of. Eventually, I collected myself and ran out of my room through my already open door and locked myself in the bathroom.

I stayed in there with the lights on all night. I heard scratching on the window and walls outside, but I kept myself crouched in the shower stall and eventually it stopped.

Looking out the bathroom window that night, I could swear I saw two blue orbs of light hanging below the moon against the cold, black sky. I looked away, making sure the bathroom door was still locked. When I looked back, they were gone.

Have You Dreamt of This Man?

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This image has been appearing all over the Internet for a short while now:

Rumor has it, this man has the ability to visit you in your dreams. Ever seen him before?

Rumor has it, this man has the ability to visit you in your dreams. Ever seen him before?

According to information collected at, at least 2000 people claim to have seen this man’s face in their dreams. The first known account came in 2006 from a psychiatric patient who is said to have drawn the picture you see above. The patient swore she had never seen him in her waking life–just in her dreams.

The psychiatrist put little stock in her claims. That is, until another patient–without having heard the claims of the previous patient–also recognized the man, also as a memory from a dream. The psychiatrist was intrigued, and decided to send the image to some colleagues. In the following months, four other patients recognized the image. They each referred to the pictured individual only as “This Man.”

In the past three years since the first account, at least 2000 people from all areas of the world are said to have dreamed of this man. A number of theories exist to explain the “This Man” phenomenon. Some say he’s a Jungian archetype–an image summoned from a collective unconsciousness. Some say this man is God himself, though skeptics argue that the people coming forward just think they’ve seen this man after hearing about the phenomenon or they just don’t remember actually seeing this face in real life.

Could this all just be some viral marketing campaign? That’s possible. The story would make a great movie, wouldn’t it?

Still, what if there really exists a man who has the ability to invade people’s dreams? Why does he single certain people out, and does he even realize what he’s doing?

What happens if you do see this man? Maybe you could find out for me. After all, it’s just as easy as falling asleep, and you could be the next person to dream this man.

For more information or to communicate with other “This Man” dreamers, visit